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Maldives luxury travel plannerWhen visiting the Maldives, transportation is essential. With so much to see and do, you may find that it makes much more sense to rent a seaplane to get from one place to another than to go by boat. If traveling by air to explore the Maldives sounds appealing, a concierge travel agency can help you figure out the logistics and tell you all you need to know about renting a seaplane.

concierge travel agencyHow to Book a Seaplane

1. Contact Your Travel Agency or Travel Concierge
First, if you are working with a luxury travel planner or travel agent, contact them regarding your seaplane transfers. They will be able to set each transfer up for you, with you having to worry, plan or stress. These kind of logistics in remote places like the Maldives is one of the reasons working with a travel concierge or travel agency is a massive benefit.

concierge travel agency2. Contact a Maldives Travel Concierge
If you booked a majority of your trip on your own but need help figuring out the logistics of booking a sea plane in the Maldives, you can still contact a travel concierge to help you with that specific part of the trip. They will need all your travel and booking details, and from there can help navigate the logistics of booking seaplane tours & transfers.

3. Book on Your Own
If you are looking to book all your transfers on your own, there are multiple ways to do this.

  • Book a seaplane transfer through a resort: if you are staying at a luxury resort in the Maldives, chances are they help coordinate your seaplane transfers. Contact them and make the arrangement for transfers. Make sure you have your previous accommodation or flight details nearby to provide to the resort.
  • Book through a seaplane agency: there are multiple seaplane agencies in the Maldives that transfers to a wide range of destinations. Some of these companies include Trans Maldivian Airways and Atoll Transfer. Seaplane transfers can be both commercial and private, so be sure to voice which one you are interested in booking.

concierge travel agencyHow Much Does it Cost to Travel by Seaplane?
For those who are traveling in the Maldives on a budget, the cost of booking a flight on a seaplane is a natural consideration. The price of flying by seaplane varies depending on where you are staying, and the average price ranges from $290 to $700 round trip per person. Note that luxury hotels and destinations that are further away will charge more for seaplane flights. If you are staying at a high-end resort or you’re traveling a long distance to reach your hotel, you can expect to pay even higher prices, which are about $900 per person round trip. Planning ahead is also encouraged, as booking your flight at the last minute will cost you more money or arranging travel through the seaplane company instead of scheduling a flight through a resort.

Maldives luxury travel plannerWhile flying commercial is the least expensive option for traveling through the Maldives by air, you can also book a private flight on a seaplane if you are looking for truly memorable Maldives luxury holiday vacations. Flying on a private charter costs about $1,200 to $1,500 each way. Going with a group is an ideal option for people who want to fly on a private seaplane but want to save money. The cost will be cheaper to fly with a larger group than to fly solo or with one other person.

Important Notes About Seaplanes in the Maldives

Note that if you are traveling from an international destination, you may need to spend the night at a hotel if you arrive too late in the day to take a seaplane ride to your resort. If that’s the case, you can make the most of one of the Maldives’ luxury holiday vacations by staying in a luxurious location upon landing so that you are relaxed and rejuvenated for the rest of the journey.

Maldives luxury travel plannerAs with traveling through a regular airport, you may need to arrive at your gate at a specific time before the plane leaves, and there may be a waiting period at the airport terminal. Planes generally do not have air conditioning, but they have fans to help passengers stay cool. Airport lounges may be available for passengers waiting for their plane, but even if lounges are not an option, there are plenty of public seating areas. The terminals where you will wait for your plane have all the basic amenities you may need, including restrooms, food and drinks, shops, and more.

The Maldives has the largest fleet of seaplanes in the world! That means you can get to many terrific destinations, from the main airport, the Male International Airport, to resorts north of Male, south of Male, and in the outer atolls.

Contact a Maldives luxury travel planner today for more information and bookings.