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Visiting the Maldives is a bucket list item for many travelers. Especially visiting as a U.S. citizen, who are accustomed to tipping frequently, it can be confusing to know when tipping is accepted abroad. Maldives is known for its over-the-top five-star service, and with that, tourists are often wondering who to tip and how much during their stay.

Maldives Tipping Guide 2023

Should I tip in the Maldives?
The answer to this question is yes. When you stay in a resort, a Maldives luxury travel planner will say that your extra service charges are typically included in your price. If you buy gifts at a resort, for instance, you don’t usually end up paying a tip in addition, as the tip cost is often included. Most tips included with resort purchases are 10%, so if you want to show your gratitude and appreciation, you can add a tip amount in addition to the standard amount if you wish.

How much to tip?
Regardless of the service that you are paying for at Maldives luxury holiday vacations, a Maldives tipping guide will tell you that the average recommendation for tipping in the Maldives is $10 per day. That includes paying for food and drinks and having a local tour guide take you around and show you the beautiful natural areas of the island. The Maldives is a popular destination for diving, which is usually also a tip-worthy endeavor. Tipping a diving guide $10 for a day’s outing is considered customary. However, if you really have an exceptional experience on your outing, it’s not uncommon to tip your guide 10% of the total bill.

What about hotels?
Hotel tips are slightly different than tipping for tourist services. Sometimes, a tip is already included for those who want to stay in a hotel and add a tip. You are not obligated to leave a tip when you stay at a hotel in The Maldives, but it is always appreciated, especially if the service is top-notch.

For those who are planning to book Maldives luxury holiday vacations, most of the guesswork is taken care of for you. A 10% tip is usually added for any expenses related to stays or purchases at your hotel or resort. However, if you feel like being even more generous, a $2 tip per day is customary and much appreciated.

What about restaurants?
As with the US, tipping is a common courtesy for dining establishments at Maldives luxury holiday vacations. If you go to a restaurant in The Maldives, a 10% tip is considered standard. You can also round up the nearest dollar amount on your bill or leave a small bit of change. However, leaving cash or a standard amount of 10% tip is the norm, and it’s a good way of saying “thank you” to your waiter or waitress if you appreciate their services.

Tipping for Transportation
Many people tip for transportation in the US, but it is not a standard practice in The Maldives. You may hire a taxi or have a driver take you around to explore the islands, in which case you can always offer them extra money for their services. Unlike the US, where many people leave a tip for transportation via public services, you don’t have to tip any extra for bus rides or other forms of public transportation through town unless you want to. For tourists, most transportation is arranged through private services such as a seaplane or boat, especially if you arrange to travel through a VIP travel concierge. If you look at a Maldives tipping guide, you will see that many people tip for those personalized services because of the time and expense associated with custom tourism.

Tipping “Hidden Staff”
When you go to a resort or hotel in The Maldives, you interact with some staff members more than others. But even if you don’t see them every day, more people still work behind the scenes to ensure your visit is safe and satisfactory. Naturally, they also deserve some appreciation! A VIP travel concierge will add that the behind-the-scenes staff are instrumental to running an excellent hotel or a resort. A great way of showing your gratitude is to give the “hidden” staff members of the place you’re staying a top. Most people give a tip ranging from $10 to $20 per week. Keep in mind that the “hidden” staff members don’t usually get as many tips as their peers, so if you feel that they are doing a great job of making you feel welcome and comfortable during your stay, don’t hesitate to give a generous tip!

Should I tip in US dollars?
When you’re tipping in another country, you naturally wonder if you should tip a person in US dollars or their native currency. A Maldives tipping guide will say it’s best to tip in US dollars when in doubt. Dollars are one of the most widely-accepted currencies around the world, and in many places, the dollar is worth more than the local currency. That works to the advantage of local workers and guides, as they will receive more money with a $10 tip in US dollars than the same amount in their local currency. The rate at which you tip is up to you. If you are staying at a resort you can tip by the week or when your stay ends, but you would obviously tip after each meal if you’re only going to the same restaurant once.

To learn more about tipping etiquette in The Maldives, contact a Maldives luxury travel planner or VIP travel concierge now!