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Traveling can be stressful and challenging, but knowing you will fly into and out of a world-class airport makes a huge difference. If you are considering traveling to Singapore, you’ll be delighted to know that it has a top-notch airport with all the amenities you might need to start or finish your trip! If Singapore is on your list of places to you, ask about our travel planning services to learn more about what you can expect from the airport in Singapore as part of your getaway.

destination insightsShopping

Whether you have a long layover or you simply like the looks of all the shopping opportunities available at the airport, don’t hesitate to stop in at all the stores you see at the Singapore airport! From liquor to clothing, a VIP travel planner can tell you all about the amenities available at the Singapore airport, ranging from practical to luxurious items and everything in between. Whether you’re just browsing to find gifts for friends and family at home or looking for a gift that you might like for yourself, the options of what you’ll find for sale in the airport are infinite!

destination insightsThere are some notable shopping stores in the Singapore airport that you’d expect from any luxury travel concierge services. You will find stores like Mega Brand Festival, which is a store that has top brands such as Furla, Este Lauder, and Nintendo. Depending on when you go shopping, you might also get a great deal to make your shopping experience even better! With the money you save through special discounts, you can even buy as much as your suitcase can hold. Whisky connoisseurs will appreciate the House of Suntory, which sells Japanese whisky and gives you the history of whisky in the country. There are even some specialty and limited-edition whiskies for sale here.

Duty-free stores are always popular, and you will find them at the Singapore airport. Along with duty-free stores and shops selling basic goods, there are many other shops to enjoy at the airport. Fashion-forward stores selling the latest Asian fashion trends are also part of the airport. Browse these stores for top fashion labels from Korea and other Asian countries in categories such as bags, clothing, accessories, and more. Popular brands from the US are also available at the airport’s shops, including Adidas.

Food and Dining

Of course, our travel planning services would not be complete without recommendations for places to enjoy good food and drinks. No matter how long you’ll be in the Singapore airport, you are in luck, as there are many delicious and diverse places to dine when you land, before you depart, or as you’re waiting between flights. Fortunately, we have all the destination insights you need for navigating the Singapore airport and making sure that you never go hungry or thirsty. From fast food to gourmet food and airport lounges and bars, there are plenty of culinary opportunities for everyone to enjoy. And it’s not just travelers who like to dine at the Singapore airport. The airport has a variety of quality and low-cost dining options, which makes it a top choice for students and others wanting to have a good meal while saving some money!

destination insightsIf you want delicious food while relaxing in a trendy restaurant environment, pay a visit to Jinjja Chicken, which is a trendy Korean fast-food restaurant. While there are infinite items on the menu to enjoy, there are also some can’t-miss standouts. No matter what you try, be sure to order the soy garlic sauce and the Yangnyeom sauce, a mildly spicy sauce that you can get to add flavor to your favorite chicken dish. The menu options here range from all the foods we can tell you about through our destination insights, including Korean street food and classic dishes like Seafood Jjamppong.

Another popular restaurant where you might choose to dine is Nando’s, which has many different culinary options. Chicken is a standout menu item, and you can order your dish in many authentic and appetizing ways. Order your dish with one of six mouth-watering sauces that range from mild to spicy. Whether you opt for a mild spice like the Extra Mild Lemon or choose something on the zippier side like Extra Hot, there is a spice for everyone. You’ll even get a free drink to help you stay cool as you enjoy your favorite spices and sauces.

If Mediterranean food, and especially seafood, is your choice of cuisine, you will be delighted to find Fish and Co. Fish and Co. focuses on Mediterranean menu items, which is a colorful and healthy array of seafood dishes and vegetables. The menu contains mouth-watering items like Chicken and Mushroom Pasta with a cream sauce and the classic Fish and Chips recipe originally derived from England. Order a soup on the side for a marginal amount, or add on different options to customize your dish.

If you have a sweet tooth and prefer something more sugary, you are in luck, as your culinary needs are also accounted for at the Singapore airport! One place to go for those who like baked goods is the Tai Cheong Bakery, which has many delicacies but is especially well-known for its delicious egg tarts. Along with the signature egg tarts, you’ll find traditional teahouse dishes from classic Hong Kong recipes here. You can even finish off your sweet or sweet and savory meal or snack with Hong Kong milk tea. If you have any particular culinary preference, restriction, or desire, be sure to let us know, and we can point you in the direction of items and dining locations you might like through our custom travel planning services.

travel planning servicesAirport Attractions

When you arrive at the Singapore airport, and you’re in need of a way to pass the time, the best travel concierge service has you covered. We can tell you all about the unique attractions and events at the airport to stay entertained, regardless of how long your layover is. If you are stressed out or nervous about flying, the Arrival Garden and Butterfly Garden might be just what you need to relieve stress. The Arrival Garden features a majestic dragonfly habitat with beautiful flowers and greenery. The Butterfly Garden has over 1,000 butterflies and a tropical habitat. Glass sculptures are visible in the Crystal Garden, and you can also visit the Daisy, a large propeller that mirrors your movements.

Transiting Amenities

Your needs are taken care of if you are transiting through the Singapore airport! There are several relaxing and upscale airport lounges where you can relax and enjoy coffee, tea, food, and other beverages while you await your next flight. Transit hotels are available too for those needing a place to stay but who don’t want to leave the airport. A VIP travel planner on our team will tell you about additional amenities you might need or appreciate, including showers and onsite spas!

For more destination insights and details about the Singapore airport, contact The Global Key for experienced travel planning services today!