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The F1 season has an exciting lineup in 2023. Whether you want to get tickets to a race, get behind the wheel of a car, or you’re looking for superior personal travel concierge services to make the most of the season, we have you covered for F1 events in the United States.

Austin Grand Prix
The Grand Prix, originally held in Indianapolis, IN, but now in Austin, TX, is one of the most popular 2023 F1 events in the United States. The Austin event is called the Circuit of The Americas. The first race in Austin was held on October 21, 2012. The first Grand Prix race in the country took place in 2007 at the racetrack in Indianapolis.

F1 Events in the United StatesAlong with going to see the F1 race, there are many advantages to turning your Austin trip into a vacation. Austin is one of the most unique cities in the US, known for its great food, music, and nightlife. Along with taking time to check out the city, you can also attend the F1 Grand Prix, one of the county’s biggest car races. When the race starts, you can take pride in knowing that you’re situated at one of the nation’s largest and oldest car races.

When you choose to watch the F1 race in Austin, you have many options for where to sit at the racetrack. For an up-close and personal experience at the track, sit at Turns 15 or 16, which will give you the best feeling of being in the heart of all the action. Seats at Turn 1 provide exceptional views of the race and Austin while sitting at the main grandstand where the race starts and ends, meaning you can enjoy all the excitement.

Where to stay in Austin

F1 Events in the United StatesIf you’re planning to attend the Grand Prix in Austin, it is a good idea to find the help of luxury travel concierge services to plan your getaway. Places book quickly, but a travel service agency can help you find ideal places depending on your budget and preferences. The Austin Proper Hotel is a top choice for F1 race enthusiasts, with luxurious amenities and exquisite rooms for a price starting at $3,065 per night. If you opt for the package deal, you’ll get a four-night stay at the Austin Proper, along with access to the hotel’s upscale amenities.

Another option is Club SI and Austin Proper Hospitality. This package deal includes a four-night stay at the Austin Proper Hotel so that you can watch all the F1 events during the weekend. You’ll also get passes to Club SI and tickets for the daily shuttle to and from the race. Observation Tower hospitality services are also included. The Hotel Van Zandt is another popular place to stay. This elite hotel has a package for F1 guests that includes a four-night stay and access to the hotel’s amenities. If you’re looking to check out other sights in Austin, staying here is a good bet, as it’s also in the heart of the Austin music scene.

Miami Grand Prix
You can also catch some of the country’s most exciting F1 action at the Miami Grand Prix, which takes place from May 5-7. The race is held at the Miami International Autodrome located in Miami Gardens. The race circuit includes 19 corners with three DRS zones and cars that race around the track at lightning-fast speeds. Tickets vary in price, starting at $257 and ranging up to $405. A travel agency can help you find tickets to the Miami Grand Prix, and you can also search for tickets on your own.

luxury travel concierge servicesThe Miami Grand Prix has a variety of ticket options available, including daily passes in case you want to watch just one race and a three-day pass if you want to catch all the racing excitement for the weekend. You can also get tickets and package deals through specific companies and sponsors, including McLaren. If you choose to get a McLaren package, you’ll get a three-day pass to the Race House and the benefit of gourmet food and an open bar. While you can enjoy exceptional racetrack views from your seats along the track, there are also LED screens set up by McLaren and special commentary to make the race experience more personalized and unique. Parking assistance is also offered through the package; each guest will receive a special gift. A series of McLaren hosts are on hand to meet with visitors throughout the weekend.

Las Vegas Grand Prix

F1 Events in the United StatesLas Vegas, NV, is another destination for those who want to see an unforgettable F1 event in the US in 2023. The Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 takes place in Las Vegas on November 18, 2023. Unlike some of the other F1 events in the nation this year, the Las Vegas event is a one-day event. However, you can still watch the action by attending practice sessions leading up to the race. Practices will be held on November 16 and November 17 before race day. The Las Vegas Grand Prix is a 14-turn course with prime seating all around. The race also happens to occur near the Las Vegas Strip, a world-renowned destination for fun, food, and shopping, even when an F1 race is not in town. Wherever you sit at the track, you can enjoy the thrill of watching cars race around the nearly four-mile track reaching speeds up to 212 MPH.

Seating arrangements are available in several different options. You can choose general admission seating, which offers good views of the track. Since this is a popular option, getting to the track early is wise to get the seats you want.

At the Las Vegas track, you also have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a racecar yourself! A group called Exotics Racing lets you get behind the wheel of a car. If you don’t want to drive a race car, you can also choose to ride along as the passenger while a professional driver takes you for a spin along the track.

F1 Events in the United StatesLas Vegas Attractions
If you’re going to Las Vegas for an F1 event, chances are good you’ll want to enjoy some of the other amenities that the city offers as well. One of its most popular sites is the High Roller, an enormous Ferris wheel towers above the city. Along with getting a panoramic view of the city from new heights, the High Roller has its own set of pods that hold up to 40 people for a more intimate experience. A bar and lounge area is available right before you get on the High Roller, and there are outdoor patios where you can sit back and relax. Many shows are on F1 weekend, including Rouge, Cirque du Soleil, the LA Comedy Club, and more. To top it off, you can book a stay at one of the city’s most famous hotels, such as the Bellagio, Venetian Resort, Caesars Palace, and Paris Las Vegas, through luxury travel concierge services.

personal travel conciergeThere are many exciting 2021 F1 events in the United States that a personal travel concierge can help you plan to attend for a personalized and unforgettable experience.